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The Biggest Mistakes in Logo Design You Should Avoid in 2018


One of the most important aspects of product branding is the creation of the logo. Whether you have a company, or organization, or one single product, the way you represent yourself is utmost importance for successful business. How your logo looks like will say a lot about the way you do your job. It will instantly transfer all your values, whether they are good or bad. For this reason, we...

Is Artificial Intelligence Design a Good Choice for Your Logo


Artificial intelligence is nowadays one of the biggest topics in the world. People are constantly debating the presence of machines’ intelligent behavior in everyday life. AI affects many job industries, especially the IT sector. If you are a designer, you already know that one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing which software you are going to use to create your...

The Best Way to Create a Logo for Small Business


Starting a business isn’t easy. It comes with many obstacles that you need to overcome to make your idea successful. One of the first steps every entrepreneur needs to take is to create a recognizable logo for their product or a company. As most of you probably already know, the logo is a visual representation of the values and professionalism of a company. It is an easy way to convey the message...

How famous companies are earning big while having a logo for $100 or less


Let’s start with the fun part. There is a company called Accenture that has a very interesting logo. Accenture is a worldwide software development company that employs 411,000 people and brings in $50 billion in annual revenue. How much do you think it cost them to create their logo? A) they draw it on a paper napkin B) $10 C) $100 D) $1000 And the answer is: the numbers above don’t even come...

Branding and Logo Design