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Is Artificial Intelligence Design a Good Choice for Your Logo

Artificial intelligence is nowadays one of the biggest topics in the world. People are constantly debating the presence of machines’ intelligent behavior in everyday life. AI affects many job industries, especially the IT sector. If you are a designer, you already know that one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing which software you are going to use to create your own design. One of the main questions for designers is: Should you use AI for creating a perfect logo? Before we answer this question, let us make a simple introduction of the AI…

“[Stated in 1965:] Machines will be capable, within 20 years, of doing any work a man can do.”
– Herbert Simon

Meet AI

AI, or artificial intelligence software, is also known as machine intelligence or otherwise MI. In nerd language, AI represents the study of “intelligent agents”, which indicates that any device that has the ability to understand and perceive its environment and take action is considered to have MI. This basically means that every machine that can mimic cognitive functions of humans, like problem-solving or learning, will be perceived as artificial intelligence.

As the technology world grows, AI keeps developing as well.

From SIRI to self-working machines and self-driving cars, this tech-prodigy just keeps developing in every sense of the word. Machines are becoming highly capable at doing quite complicated tasks and surprising us day by day. We are still far away from personal walking and talking robots, but the world is changing, and we have to also.

How it all began

Since 1956, each day people are becoming more familiar with this new-comer, and it was even founded as an academic discipline. First few years were hard for AI. It had many ups and downs, waves of good reaches, but they were always followed by the loss of funding, yet only to be again revived with new approaches and more money.

“Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.“- Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute

Then came the early 21st century, making a twist in the perception of AI, concentrating on statistical approaches to machine learning. All of this lead to AI software we know now. Even though humanity is still intimidated by this science, we can’t deny an amazing impact AI tech has on our development. So, let us go back to the specific impact that AI has made in logo design.

Creation of logo with artificial intelligence design (AI)

We are all aware of the impact of the well created logo. Logos may look simple, but at the same time they can represent all the values your product has to offer. For this reason, designers put a special attention in creating the image you desire to implement. Even though sometimes this process can look easy, it almost never is. For a great logo it is not enough to have just a creative idea, you have to use the best software to work in.

Not all logo designers have the same designing process. Many of them have a specific way of developing their ideas and turning them into reality. Some designers prefer to start from the sketch, and draw the logos on a piece of paper, so that later they can transfer it into the computer and continue digitizing it. The final part of the process is choosing the right software that will be used to create the perfect logo. In this part, AI technology can be of great help. If you want to create a unique logo idea and upgrade your skills, artificial intelligence logo design tools are the perfect solution.

“Any innovation that sucks today might put you out of business 10 years from now. It’s not a bad idea for designers to explore what risks and opportunities AI provides for their industry.” – Ben Hammersley

For developing a powerful brand identity, it is highly important to be aware of every aspect of the designing process. A key aspect of the well-designed logo is legibility. AI is quite helpful with logo developing, making it one of a kind, by rejecting commonly used images, icons, fonts and color schemes. At times, when inspiration fades, but the job has to be done, there is nothing like artificial intelligence design to help you perform at your best, no matter what.

Today, most of the design jobs require creative and social intelligence. This provokes designers to learn new sets of skills in order to be competitive in the job-searching industry. Working with AI results with bigger employment expectations, pushing you to develop your empathy, creative problem solving, problem framing, negotiation and persuasion skills. More and more designers will need additional knowledge and expertise in the ever-growing technological world.

Designer’s impact on AI and Design

Even though AI logo design technology is extremely good for creating new and unique logos, it still can’t evolve without the human touch. There are many aspects of this kind of design which can be quite relevant for the final result. Some of the companies have been working on developing their AI tools with the help of logo designers. They are a crucial part in upgrading the AI, changing algorithms, design thinking, for the more human-like software machines. One thing you need to have in mind is that designers are there to help and prevent mistakes, but not to create the actual tool. With their help, AI gets instruction and creates a designed way of “thinking”.

If the design tool is given enough constraints, goals, directions, and problems to solve than it can produce several hundred possible designs for your purpose. This is actually a fun part, as you are given a multiple choice of colours, icons, fonts and ways to put them together. It is up to the designer to choose the logo he likes the most, or simply change the design until he discovers the best one.

YES! Designer should use AI for perfect logo design

There is an appealing feeling about this new way of amplifying our creativity and a wide range of skill set. Artificial Intelligence is not just a great tool for better professional results, it helps us grow and inspires us to push our limits furthermore. You can see through a variety of perspectives, different frameworks and encourage yourself to constantly look for the new ways to be better in your design work.

Be the best by simply choosing to work in best design systems. There are many tools created simply to make your job easier. When humans and machines work together, they can really do extraordinary things, but don’t forget that neither could achieve the same result by working separately.

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