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The Biggest Mistakes in Logo Design You Should Avoid in 2018

One of the most important aspects of product branding is the creation of the logo. Whether you have a company, or organization, or one single product, the way you represent yourself is utmost importance for successful business. How your logo looks like will say a lot about the way you do your job. It will instantly transfer all your values, whether they are good or bad. For this reason, we created Logopony, a perfect tool for the ageless logo design.

As a designer, you can find many articles about how a logo should look like, and find new and updated information of what actually makes a great logo. However, it is quite hard to create a unique logo in a world where everything is branded. Logo design is tough and even some big names can make a mistake in rebranding. No one can promise you that your logo will be a good one, since the process of creation involves a high level of creativity. And, if you get it right, you’ve done yourself the biggest favor.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Humanity isn’t perfect, thus we can make many mistakes in logo design as well as in real life. If you want to design a unique logo, you need to have a special set of skills, that will be very helpful in creative problem solving, problem framing, as well as in persuasion and negotiation. This all leads you a step closer to your success.

It’s no wonder we decided to write about the biggest logo design mistakes you can find today. As you can already guess, there are many ways to get to poor-judgment results. With the widespread internet web, it’s easy for everyone to get to the desired information. It is a huge stage, filled with people trying to communicate their messages clearly. For designers, it is extremely hard to share their creativity in the fast-growing tech world.

For this reason, we decided to make your logo designing a fun and a mistake-free process by giving you the right information. In the following text, we go through some of the biggest logo design mistakes and why you should use Logopony to help you avoid them. Let us start…

1.You aren’t a logo designer, but you are a designer

Day by day, the job of a designer becomes more and more complicated. The job of a logo designer is a tough and sensitive process, which requires, as we already mentioned, a special set of skills.

Most of the times, clients prefer not to split one job between two or more designers. Mostly due to money saving. These decisions lead to designers working on projects where they cannot fully fulfill all the aspects of demand. The result is – sloppy logo design process, which eventually brings not so good overall results.

2. Logo is designed by an amateur

The age of technology is here. The IT industry is one of the largest job industries in the world. Freelancers are popping out everywhere, offering their service at the lowest prices. New business owners sometimes forget that in order for their business to be professional, it also needs to look professional. You should aim for the creation of a logo that will have a longer lifespan, and won’t have to be redesigned every couple of years. They often invest a lot of money and time in different parts of their company but rarely as much in their logo design.

As you can already imagine, there are many reasons why choosing an amateur designer to create your logo is not so smart move. As in choice of the right professional designer, business owner tends to save money by choosing a relative or a friend who claims to know graphic design. Even worse, they often decide to design it by themselves, for the same reason of saving money.
The popular mistake is also outsourcing the designers through several freelance websites, which are full of an amateur designer looking for a job. In the end, owners fail to give the job to an online company that offers cheap logos.

All of these decisions mostly lead to disastrous results, which can end up harming your company and your credibility. If you pick a logo that looks amateurish, you can be certain your business will look the same.
Bad Logo Design Examples
It can get bad, really bad!

3. Raster rather than vector images

For some time now, it is a common practice to use vector graphics when designing a logo. This way of designing brought a consistency across multiple sizes, meaning no matter how much you zoom in, the quality will stay the same. Some of the popular designer programs use this graphics, such as Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator.

On the other hand, we have raster graphics solution or commonly called bitmap, which we can find in Adobe Photoshop. Why this isn’t such a great solution? A raster graphics actually consists of pixels.
If a designer uses raster images it can often cause problems with reproduction. Even though in Photoshop you can create very big images, at some point it won’t be usable. Every time you zoom in enough on the bitmap, you will see all the pixels.

So remember, vector is the way to go. You can scale your logo to any size you desire without worrying about losing quality. This type of design can be easily altered later for any mistakes or innovations, but it also can be easily adapted to other media.

4. Bad typography choice

This can be a big mistake! When it comes to logo design, one of the most important decisions is the font you choose. It is a common thing for the logo to fail miserably due to poor font choice. Designers know the importance of matching the font to the style of the icon. It’s all about the right balance. Every font you choose has its own personality and it needs to find its right match in order to create that perfect logo magic.

If your font doesn’t tell the same story as your icon, your logo will most definitely fail. So the best thing to do is to learn all you can about the company you are designing the logo for – the history, what do they do, which style is appropriate, what is the message you want to convey…

Finally, it is not all about the style of the font, it is also about the number of fonts in the logo. There is a common rule of a maximum of two fonts of different weights in one logo. Everything else is lowering your legibility and showing a non-desirable public image.

5. Lack of originality

The worst thing you can do is copying someone else’s work. Designers might think that it is flattery aping the design of others, but it is totally opposite. It just shows how both you and your designer are “interested” in your work.

The less complexity involved in creating your masterpiece, the more likely it is that someone has already come up with the same idea. So make sure you do a bit of due diligence to verify that your creations have not already been created before.
Good Logo Design Examples
If you are lacking creativity, these logos might inspire you!

Make sure to do little research about the worst logo fails, before you start making one. Research is the essential part on your road to a well-created logo. Give yourself time, play with colors, fonts and icons to create the best logo solution online. With so many choices that are provided on the Logopony, we promise you originality at all times. Don’t ruin your business because of the simple mistake or amateur work, let us help you get the job done.

You can design, edit and download a stunning logo yourself with unlimited logo ideas and still retain you logo copyrights and commercial licensing after the purchase. Logopony does not use “logo templates”, it is solely built on the teaching of dozens of professional designers and amazing collection of popular colors, fonts, and layouts. Whatever purpose you need a logo for, whether it is for website, email signature, T-shirt, mobile app or something else, Logopony has got you covered. With lifetime after-purchase support and no questions asked money-back policy, you can be certain you’ve made the right choice.

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